Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is an infrastructure developed by Google the same as the services it offers such as Gmail, Google Search and many other uses of Google. Through the Google Cloud Platform, Google enables us Cloud services by allowing us to store data. The services that Google Cloud Platform has are: IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Google Cloud Platform launched with AppEngine and later added other Cloud services. Google Cloud Platform is the core of Google Cloud. Google Cloud services are used by many companies. Most of the companies that benefit from these services are large companies. From the large number of companies that use Google Cloud services, Google revenue has increased significantly.

Google’s main goal recently was to develop the Google Cloud Platform. To achieve this goal Google has managed to do this through 5G through an association with Intel. Thus Google and Intel provide 5G in the Cloud by creating reference models for CSP (Specialized Service Organizations). In this way the network settings and the organizational capacities of the center will be more accurate. The services that Google benefits from 5G are numerous but the most important are: IoT, the nature of the administration, the all-round advantage and the network cut. Collaboration with 5G makes security, investigation and microservices affect core administrations. AWP has established CSP organizations and started using 5G.

With the help of Intel and 5G, the chances of Google moving to the central organization space are greater. Intel offers Google a very high level of reliability. It enables change for its clients in the administration. In collaboration with Intel, Google aims to make CSP advertising in three parts: to provide the most advanced framework, to make organizations more powerful, and to create a lab climate. Collaboration with Intel and 5G has brought great success to Google.