Privacy and Security in Cloud

As we have said in previous articles, two of the most debated issues are privacy and security in the Cloud. In this article we will show you some of the main problems that individuals or companies face when using Cloud services.

All Cloud users want to have a service that is not only secure but also fast. One of the reasons why customers are dissatisfied with Cloud services is unauthorized access, which violates the privacy of everyone.

When storing data there is a possibility that personal data may be transferred to another location bringing also another major problem to the persons or companies using these services.

Time is also very important to know how long the data stored in the Cloud will last. This is because we are aware at the moment that we want to stop storing this data.

There have been many instances where data stored in the Cloud has been corrupted. Some have been lost to unspecified destinations, while others have been deleted. Privacy also happens to be breached without the user’s knowledge. But the user has the right to find the culprit in this case.

These were some of the problems that people have faced recently in Cloud services. However nowadays nothing in technology is perfect and Cloud remains one of the largest and most secure companies, despite these problems which are considered small.