What is Cloud Computing and what are its types and models

Technology has recently been used by all people. The most frequently asked questions on the Internet today are about Cloud Computing. What is Cloud Computing? Why we use Cloud Computing? What are the types of Cloud Computing? How Secure is Cloud Computing? Today we will try to explain to you some of the most important things about Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing is a technology that provides a service to customers according to the requirements they have. Cloud Computing is storing client data and information on a virtual server. For this data and information Cloud Computing offers a high level of security. Although not 100% still remains one of the safest nowadays. This is why it has a high number of users. To benefit from Cloud Computing services you have to pay for certain services. Also, you can open Cloud Computing wherever you are, as long as your phone or computer needs to be connected to the Internet. Cloud Computing is also used by many businesses and large companies which need to store their data and information in Cloud Computing. For them this is very important and is recommended to be used by all businesses and companies, both small and medium or large.

From the Cloud Computing service providers with a large number of users we can mention: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure etc. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has the highest number of clients of any Cloud Computing service provider.

Cloud Computing has 3 models:

SaaS (Software as a Service)

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Cloud Computing has 4 types:

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Community Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

These were some of the key things about Cloud Computing. I hope this information is helping you! Thanks for reading the article!


Google Cloud

If you are effectively looking for a higher level of security, Google Cloud offers you the opportunity to increase security. Thus trust increases and as trust grows the number of users becomes higher. The main features that the whitepaper shares in meeting clients using Google Cloud on how to change security are:

1- Configuring the organization for cloud security.

  • Security Culture
    Is security an obligation of the security team and will it better prepare you in the worst situations?
  • Thought suddenly
    There is a possibility that in using the Cloud the data is not secure. Not because the security in the Cloud is low, but for a higher security we have to choose the models that interest us.

2- The way organizations develop in the Cloud.

  • Supervision of infrastructure as a code
    To increase security you need to coordinate strategies in code. This creates vital security by making every product offered by the organization have maximum security.
  • Advanced course events
    Security teams need to be involved in increasing security and directing the delivery schedule and cycle.

3- Development of security work model.

Identification of the safety working model
Whitepaper allows you to choose a model that best suits your work and safety.

  • Collaboration with the organization specialized in the cloud
    In order for the cooperation between the client and the service provider to be as good as possible, everyone must perform their duties. Just as the client pays to receive the services, so the provider must provide maximum security. Security is the main reason for a collaboration to be successful. If a collaboration between the client and the provider succeeds then it will last for a longer time.
  • Evolution of security works

The security team will change the security mode even though the work is specialized in the cloud.

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Electronic Commerce in Cloud Computing

Today we will talk about electronic commerce. What are the services it offers along with Cloud computing. Electronic commerce is the trade of goods and services which is done through the internet. Non-financial transactions are also part of electronic commerce.

In the countries with the highest economies in Europe electronic commerce has a great development, while in the countries with low economies there is very little development and it is in the initial steps.

Electronic commerce is one of the main users in the Cloud platform. Cloud computing along with electronic commerce have had the highest development in recent years. The main reason for this is because both cloud computing and electronic commerce have a low cost. Electronic commerce offers merchants the opportunity to trade online without renting. Electronic commerce pays to take advantage of Cloud services. This brings a huge profit for electronic commerce because there is no need to spend on the equipment they need but choose in Cloud computing the services they need. Cloud services are also included by major e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Alibaba and Google.

Cloud computing in electronic commerce offer the best service from electronic commerce and allows the possibility of data storage. Electronic commerce while using Cloud services also manages to gain the trust of its customers. In this way it manages to increase the number of customers, making it one of the most successful companies nowadays.

Electronic commerce in collaboration with Cloud computing helps not only large companies but also medium and small ones to have big profits. In order for an electronic company to have large profits it must cooperate with Cloud computing.

The opportunities offered by electronic commerce in Cloud computing are numerous but we mention some of the main ones. I hope you enjoyed this article! Thanks for reading!


Big Data in Cloud Computing

Big data is a combination of new and old technologies. The purpose of big data is for companies to gain operational knowledge. With big data you have the ability to manage a large amount of data.

The main features of big data are:
1- Rhythm
2- Value
3- Volume
4- Type

When deciding to use big data we need to consider where and how we will store the data when securing it. Also before using big data goes through 4 stages:
1- Planning
2- Implementation
3- Control
4- Action

Big data offers good opportunities for businesses that receive services. Some of the big companies like: Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer service ways according to customers’ requirements. Big data has joined the Cloud because data storage requires some things that big data cannot offer such as: expansion, error tolerance and availability. These are all provided by Cloud computing.

The reasons why businesses use Big data and Cloud computing are many. They provide support in decision making and business and service model. Another reason is the cost reduction, which is one of the main reasons why many businesses use big data services in cloud computing. Cloud computing offers small and medium businesses the opportunity to use big data services.

For a better service Cloud computing also offers the opportunity for business owners to use big data services from home due to the many benefits. Using big data from home offers a higher level of security. During the time when the use of big data is done from home then the benefit is great. While when the profit is small the business continues to receive big data services in Cloud computing in the current environment.

Today we talked about big data and the services that big data offers in Cloud computing. I hope you enjoyed the article! Thank you for reading my article!


Data Mining in Cloud Computing

In recent years the number of people who have stored their data in cloud computing has increased greatly and continues to grow every day more and more. When we store this data in cloud computing we have many problems. The main problem for everyone is security, which nowadays due to numerous hackers is never maximum. Today we will talk about Data mining in Cloud computing.

The best way for businesses is to choose Data mining. Data mining helps clients to have the most relevant information in their data. Because the number of Data mining users has increased a lot recently, together with Cloud Computing providers they have created a combination.

Data mining has become very necessary in cloud computing as well. Data mining allows Cloud providers to provide their customers with the best possible service. When Cloud providers do not provide accurate information then the privacy of customers is violated. While receiving Data mining services in Cloud computing we are offered many good opportunities.

Data mining in the Cloud has a cost which is not fixed. It is calculated on the amount of services it receives from Data mining. When we are getting Data mining services in the Cloud, the same thing happens with the Cloud, we only pay for the services we get. Although the memory offered by Data Miming and Cloud Computing is large we only pay for the space we use. Thus, paying only for what we use in Data mining and Cloud the cost we spend is lower.

In this article we talk about what Data mining is and what services it offers us when it is combined with Cloud computing. Good service and low cost make Data mining in Cloud computing to have a large number of users. I hope this article has informed you about this topic!


Mobile Cloud Computing

Last days technology has reached a very advanced point without which people can not live. Many people use Cloud services but today we will talk about a new type of Cloud, the services of which is very necessary for everyone.

The use of mobile Cloud computing is spreading rapidly all over the world. This is because we all have a cell phone nowadays. The increase in the number of mobile users directly affects the increase in the number of Mobile Cloud computing users.

Mobile Cloud computing is a combination of mobile computing and Cloud computing and offers its services to people who use mobile devices. It aims to store customer data with high security.

Customer dissatisfaction with this type of Cloud is numerous and mobile Cloud computing is trying to improve many things so that customers are satisfied. This way they gain the trust of customers and find it easier to increase the number of users.

Mobile Cloud computing offers 3 types of services:

1- Mobile as a service provider

2- Mobile as customer service

3- Mobile as a brokerage service

To get mobile Cloud computing services we have to pay. These services require internet to be used. Mobile Cloud computing is different from other types of Cloud because it offers its services only on mobile.

The good thing about this is that by using the mobile we can use the mobile Cloud computing services wherever we are. To have access to the data we have stored, mobile Cloud computing offers us the opportunity to have a fast way to access our data. Mobile Cloud computing offers services according to the requirements of customers.

In this article we told you about a new type of Cloud, mobile Cloud computing and the services it offers us. I hope you enjoyed the article! Thanks for reading our article!


Cloud Services and Amazon Cloud Drive

Recently the Cloud has become one of the most talked about topics on the internet. Nowadays the cloud has become very important on the internet. They are one of the largest companies today due to the high security and good and correct service it offers to customers. The services that the cloud offers are numerous and have different characteristics, which different authors define in different ways according to the services it offers.

In addition to the many services that Cloud offers, the cloud models are different. One of the Cloud models is Cloud computing, which is one of the most used models nowadays. The services that Cloud computing offers should be used by everyone because of the benefits it offers us. But everything good in life has a price. Even to benefit from these services you have to pay. During the time we have paid, the Cloud provides service almost all the time, rare cases are excluded when various problems occur or power outages or internet. During the time they pay even though the control is high from those who provide Cloud they provide a correct service for everyone. This is why recently the interest to benefit from these services has increased a lot. Most interested are businesses that benefit greatly from the use of Cloud services. But, as the number of people interested in Cloud services increases so does the risk that various hackers will have access to people’s data. For this Cloud is trying to find a quick and effective solution.

One of the main services that Cloud offers us is that they increase the maintenance of networks. The best thing the Cloud has to offer is that it allows you to use it wherever you are. This is a great help for Cloud users. Cloud offers the services according to the request that the client wants. Cloud services significantly reduce costs. The good services offered by the cloud are numerous so it should be used by all.

The largest companies in the world have become successful due to Cloud services. Today we will talk about Amazon. For Amazon we have all heard that it is one of the largest companies in the world. But today we will tell you some information that you did not know before. We will talk about Cloud services, the advantages and disadvantages that it brings us. Amazon started with the sale of books online, while today Amazon is the most used and most successful not only for selling books but also for selling a variety of products online.

In addition to this success, Amazon has managed to be one of the largest providers of Cloud services. Nowadays she has managed to have great success in this field as well. Amazon has already created the Amazon Cloud Drive offering people the ability to save their photos and materials. If you do not have enough memory then you can simply become an Amazon customer and perfition free space to store the materials you want. Amazon Cloud Drive guarantees a high level of data storage security. The main reason the Amazon Cloud Drive app should be used is the security it provides.

Something good is because a service offered by Amazon Cloud Drive which is Prime Photos offers us unlimited memory, but this only applies to photos and not to other materials.

But in addition to the many advantages that Amazon offers to people, there are many opportunities that it does not offer. It is therefore working to improve them over time and increase the number of people using Cloud Drive.

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