Loneliness is something very difficult. It is not experienced equally by everyone. Some do not have a problem even if they spend a long time alone while some others cannot stay without someone’s company. In most cases loneliness causes psychological problem which is a very worrisome thing that requires treatment.

Loneliness is caused by abandonment, emigration or separation from the lives of the people around you. Loneliness is also caused by ridicule and insults that people make to someone, thus leading to conflicts between them. Bulling in schools is also a great factor that leads people to stay alone and in isolation. Often even the most trusted people around you disappoint and make you feel lonely. In these cases, even if you stay with other people, it still seems like you are lonely. A lonely man lives with longing and the desire to stay with family or friends. Although he may not miss anything in life he will still not be happy and will feel very lonely because he has nowhere to rely when he is in danger, there is no one to give him advice and motivate him, there is no one to chat and have fun, there is no one to share the joy, the sorrow, the secrets and many other things. Loneliness often forces you to work hard to make ends meet. Although it often happens to us that we want to stay alone for a while, this only lasts a while because we all want to stay close to someone.

The presence of someone close is the greatest happiness we have in life. We all need a person to stand by us and show us that he will always be close to us. That is why we must stay close to our loved ones so that they do not live alone.


A day with family

It was Sunday. My family and I on Sundays do special activities from the other days. This Sunday was different from the others. My family and I were thinking about where we were going. Suddenly an idea came to me and I thought we were going for a picnic. I showed the idea but mom and dad disagreed while my sister and I liked the idea. We managed to persuade them with difficulty and in the end they accepted.

The weather was beautiful. The wind did not blow and the sun was shining. It was the perfect time for a picnic. Each of us started getting things ready. Mom was cooking pizzas which were my favorite food and we would take them after. My sister and I were packing our things while Dad was waiting for us in the car. After a short time we were ready to leave. We got in the car and started to enjoy the ride which was long and tiring but worth it for a picnic in the fresh air in the woods.

When I got there I sat down to relax from the long ride we had made. After a few minutes, my aunt and two cousins ​​came there. I started playing ball with them sister was listening to music while mom and dad were chatting. The people near us were calm and did not bother us. The place there was quite beautiful.

After spending some wonderful hours there the weather clouded over and we started getting ready to leave. In those moments my aunt invited us to go to dinner at her house. We accepted and left. We had a great time there and I am very happy. The beautiful moments of this wonderful day did not end there. After we left our aunt’s house we went to a disco and started dancing.

It was a beautiful Sunday that I will never forget. It was the happiest day of my life. The days and moments spent with the family are always beautiful and unforgettable.


Pros and cons of owning a car

Nowadays car is very important to move. All factories are competing for the best and fastest production of cars. They produce work cars, sports cars, racing cars, etc. Some of the most produced types of cars are: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMV, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

Car can be used in case of bad weather, for work, for worries, to go somewhere in a hurry, to go somewhere on vacation, to transport bags and luggage which we can not transport on foot, etc. People who have their own car save more time and more money to travel to another country than those who do not have one because of the time and money it will cost to cut the ticket.

In addition to the good side owning a car also has its disadvantages. For some people car is a necessity in daily life, but excessive use damages the economic side. One of the disadvantages of using cars is air pollution, so people should use them only when absolutely necessary. In non-urgent cases it should be moved on foot or used by bicycle transport. Another possibility not to pollute the environment and to create less noise is the use of electric cars which have been produced recently. They have replaced the gasoline engine with a battery. Another disadvantage is the numerous accidents, which in most cases are caused by excessive alcohol consumption. A driver’s negligence can injure or kill someone else. For this reason drivers must be able to start the car. Some people are crazy about cars and prefer the most expensive and luxurious ones while some others prefer simple cars.

Before a person buys a car, he should consider the expenses it requires for taxes, maintenance, fuel, parking, etc. To reduce costs as much as possible people should take care not to violate traffic rules in order not to receive fines.

Some people even use the car for business by turning it into a taxi which takes people to the required destination and gets a reward. In this case, drivers must be more responsible because they are also responsible for the lives of passengers. By traveling carefully we protect our lives and the lives of others.


How to live healthy

All people want to live as long as possible. To achieve this they must lead a healthy life. Malnutrition brings many dangerous diseases. To avoid this everyone wants to live a healthy life. We will show you some ways to do something like this.

The secret of this is not to live a rich life, but a life with rich food and physical activity. Living healthy does not mean eating a lot of food, it means eating food rich in vitamins. Food should be eaten more slowly because it helps digestion. The best foods to eat are: fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs. Each meal should always have half a plate of fruits and vegetables. Fruits should be consumed before bread. Dinner should not be eaten late. For a healthy life we ​​need to give up fats like chips and sweets. Consumption of foods that contain vitamin C helps us increase immunity, especially in winter protects us from the flu.

Sitting down is not suggested for a healthy life. For a healthier life, walking should not be missing. Just a few minutes of walking a day is enough. Running in the fresh air makes us better. The gym also helps a lot in a healthy life. Exercising regularly helps to keep our body in shape. These should be done by all ages. Muscle development is very important. Sleep should be regular and should be around eight hours. Memory is a very delicate thing. To strengthen this we need to play games or quizzes that train the brain. We must pay close attention to even the smallest health problems. Smoking and alcohol consumption seriously damage health and reduce life expectancy. We should avoid consuming sugar as much as possible.

One of the secrets to living longer and healthier is living with friends. Personal hygiene plays a key role because it protects us from various bacteria and diseases. Curing diseases is not the best way to live a healthy life. The best way is to prevent them. Health is the most important thing in life and to keep it as good as possible we have to sacrifice as much as we can. If we have good health then we should also be happy. Wealth one day goes away while health does not. One should enjoy even just eating and drinking.