Have you ever wondered when is the best time to spend the holidays? It is definitely spring. Spring is my favorite season. I like it very much because the end of the great cold and the heavy winter rains is coming. It comes to an end to being locked up at home and staying long before the resistance. Spring is the season of tranquility. The sky is getting clearer, the weather is starting to warm up and the rains are very low, almost not falling at all.

Spring temperatures are neither low nor high, making this season enjoyed by all. Staying in the fresh air and in the rays of the Sun which begin to increase is something very beautiful. During the spring season there is liveliness everywhere. The day begins to lengthen and the opportunity to perform various activities becomes greater. Due to the warmer weather and longer days people have the opportunity to go out for more walks. The fresh air at night creates a feeling of calm.

The dinners we spend with family and friends are very nice. The time we spend with friends is irreplaceable. Nature becomes more beautiful and greenery begins to increase. Swallows that return from their journey are characteristic of the spring season. These are the first signs that spring is coming. Kids start to feel freer to have fun. The activities that you can do during the spring season are many but I mentioned the main ones and the most used by people. These activities make spring a wonderful season.

Spring brings joy and full of hope for everyone. Therefore, the moments we go through should be experienced to the maximum. This way we will be more satisfied and the time we spend during the spring season will be long remembered in our memory.



The words you can use to express friendship are many. Have you ever wondered what life can be like without friends, to live alone and without the opportunity to share something with someone? No one can imagine and would never want to experience something like this.

We all have friends. Some of us have close friends and spend a lot of time with them, some of us have friends with whom we only greet, but we also have friends whom we cannot trust. They pretend to be good friends but their purpose is to use you for their own interests. This is where the expression “True friends are found in difficult days” comes into play.

Friendship is created when we are small and often the friends we want to be close to can be wrong. Therefore, friendship is also very difficult to choose. It does not matter how big the number of friends is, but how much love they have for you. Therefore, the friendship between two people does not last always the same. Some quarrel and do not talk to each other for a long time while some maintain friendships all their lives.

A sincere friendship is the greatest wealth a person can have in life. A sincere friendship is an unconditional and interest-free friendship in which love prevails. The presence of close friends makes you feel more lively and happy. With them you are freer and express your thoughts openly. They are close to the good and the bad. Playing games with friends is one of the most fun things in life. Not only laughter but also crying and have their beautiful part. The good and bad moments we spend with friends remain long in our memory.

Friendship is one of the most important things in life. Its values ​​are many and we need to know how to evaluate it.



Before the summer season comes, everyone thinks about where they will go on vacation. Summer is the favorite season of children. It is the time when the weather starts to get hot and the heat becomes unbearable.

During the summer season all people take vacations and go to spend them in beautiful places. Hours at work force people to relax more and to spend more time with their friends. In the summer they also find time to entertain their children who are rightly looking to take a vacation after nine months of fatigue they have spent studying at school. Most children prefer to spend their holidays at sea forcing their parents to frequent the coastal areas. In summer the tourist places are full of tourists who are very well received by the citizens.

Like most people, I decided to spend my vacation this year in a seaside country. In the mornings I went to the beach with my family and we had a great time. The sea waves formed a wonderful view. Swimming at sea and playing soccer in the sand with friends were the most beautiful activities I spent on the beach. I went to the beach early in the morning and came home in the afternoon. When I got home I would lie down to rest for a few hours and then go out with friends. The dinners I spent with them at the bar or the food we ate at the restaurants were very tasty. The joke games we played with each other were numerous. This year I also met some friends whom I had not met for many years. This made my vacation even more beautiful. The day at the beach and the evening walks in the fresh air I did with friends were the most fun part of this vacation. These were my most beautiful vacations I have ever had.



We all follow different sports. Each of us has different preferences. Someone prefers football, someone basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. Each sport has its own peculiarities. Most of us are trained in a certain sport but few have had a good career. In the beginning of the career everyone has different goals. Some want to become famous, some want to become rich, while some have a passion. Many people want to make a career but do not devote much. Talent for a sport should be but the sacrifice we have to make for it must be great. To meet the goals and to have a successful career we must train hard in order to play for a better team. This increases the income and the number of fans, making us more famous.


Sports help a lot in our health. All the time we play for a team we have to keep a diet and consume valuable foods. These help us to keep weight under control. The various exercises and exercises we do make us more active and keep the body in shape. The energy expended during training and the time we spend with teammates helps us relieve stress. People who practice a sport are healthier and live longer than those who do not exercise. Sport makes us more social and keeps us more connected to friends.


In addition to the many benefits, sports also have disadvantages. The injuries we suffer during a match are numerous. Most injuries are minor but there are injuries that take a long time to heal or at worst they are irreversible causing our career to end. This is a very pitiable thing that should never happen to anyone, neither to our enemies.

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How to write an autobiography

My name is James Bell and I am 25 years old. I was born in Los Angeles, where I currently live. I am 183 centimetres tall and weigh 78 kilograms. My hair is dark chestnut and my eyes are brown.

My parents live far away from Los Angeles and I do not meet them often. I have to go a long way to reach them. I miss them very much and every time we meet them we hug and hug each other. I am currently studying at a high school in Los Angeles. The teachers there are good and treat the students well. The subject I like the most is mathematics. Problem solving in math is the thing I know how to do best. My favorite foods are: Pot roasts, Cobb salad, chicken fried steak and Wild Alaska salmon. I also like appetizers and chips. The drinks I like the most are carbonated drinks. I like sweets immensely.

My hobbies are sports and travel. My favorite sport is football. I really like playing it as well as watching matches with friends. My favorite team is Barcelona. And the favorite player is Leo Messi. The trips I have made are numerous. The places I visited were: Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and many others. On every trip the beautiful places and moments I have spent have been unforgettable. I like to spend my free time with friends with whom I have fun playing different games and making jokes with each other. My close friends are Jimmy Cunningham and Tom Lawrence. I spend most of the day with them and we never fight. The socks we play in the morning and the laps we do every night are wonderful. They love me as much as I do. When I am alone I spend my free time on the computer browsing the internet or having fun with different games. I dedicate the weekends to my family. Together we perform various activities. My favorite colors are red, black and white.

I characterize myself as a wise, polite and communicative person. I am able to establish good relationships with everyone around me. I am a patient type and I easily adapt to society. In the future I want to become a computer engineer. I hope that one day this wish will come true.


Reading a book or staying online?

One of the most popular topics nowadays is which is more important: the book or the internet. Each of these has its own peculiarities. For some people the book is the most valuable thing they have, while some others do not want to know that it exists.

Internet for example, despite all the advantages , also has its disadvantages, while the book gives us only positivity. Reading a book helps us to enrich the vocabulary, which is lacking in today’s generations. While reading a book we enter a world where each of us imagine the situation in different ways. Books help us a lot for the future by giving us the knowledge we need everywhere. People who read books have more knowledge and are more educated than those who spend time online. For students the internet is useful to do homework and get the information they need at school. The information we can find is very different.

Nowadays it does not matter how much a cell phone costs. Everyone has one. Internet is becoming more and more advanced and the number of people who use it is increasing. Most people nowadays spend most of the day on their cell phones and have read almost no book in their lives. For them, the internet is the greatest happiness they have in life. Social networks help us to spend our free time faster but the positive consequences they bring us are few. Internet helps people to communicate with relatives or family members who are far away and can not meet them.

The negative consequences of using the internet are many. Long stays cause serious health problems, so the time spent online should be reduced and it should be used only when necessary. Children are more at risk. The games they play help them to have fun, but in some cases they can be dangerous. Although social networking is not allowed for children many of them have an account. They may see something unattractive to them and this may cause psychological problems in the child’s brain. For this reason the Internet should not be used by children or may be used when they are in the company of parents.


3 most beautiful places to go on vacation

Do you want to go on holiday at the end of the year holidays but have not decided yet where? We will show you the 3 most beautiful places and the reasons why you should visit them. We hope you enjoy your vacation and that it stays in your mind for a long time.


Paris is a place which is visited by many tourists every year because of the many greenery and beautiful places that it has. Many of them, not to mention all, have remained very satisfied. If you decide to visit Paris you will see a very beautiful view. The places you can visit are quite wonderful. We can mention the Eiffel Tower which is the main symbol of the city of Paris. Notre-Dame is also a place not to be missed. Before finishing your holidays you should also visit Disneyland Paris, which is a place where there are amusement parks. These are the 3 places I have visited in Paris. The moments spent in these places are unforgettable. I promise you that if you visit Paris you will not be disappointed.


Even in Berlin there are many beautiful places. The time you can spend in this place should be plenty because the longer you stay the more beautiful sensations you will experience. Gendarmenmarkt Mitte is a particularly beautiful square. The nights there are unforgettable with the buildings turning on the lights and forming an extraordinary panorama. You can spend the days at the Berlin Zoo where you can see a variety of animals. Citadel Spandau is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Berlin, where many concerts take place, especially in the summer season when there are many tourists.


Spain has many tourist destinations, but we would suggest a vacation in Madrid. Madrid is a modern city with a stunning view which attracts many tourists, especially in the summer season. The squares are full of bars. The palaces are multi-storey and recently built with a beautiful architectural structure. The places you can visit are many, but the most beautiful one remains the stadium. In Madrid you can visit the stadium which is a dream for everyone. Fans during a match support their team to the end. This makes the emotions you experience during the match numerous.