The most talked topic lately is what good and bad emigration brings us and whether it is necessary and inevitable. Emigration is the relocation of people from one state to another. Residents living in poor countries migrate to countries with high economies. Rich countries benefit greatly from this. Poor countries from the inability to keep residents in good condition decrease every year.

Emigration has increased significantly in recent years. Emigration is done for various reasons but the most important is emigration for a better life, including a high-paying job and living in a good home. Before we decide to emigrate we must think well because in addition to the many advantages that emigration brings us, it also brings us bad things such as leaving the homeland, separation from family and relatives. For this reason emigration is not easy. However, regardless of the consequences, we have to make a small sacrifice because without sacrificing we gain nothing in life.

Emigration is not done voluntarily by people, but is done by their need to live. By migrating people hope to have a good time in the place where they will go. Most immigrants are young people who leave their country of birth in the hope of a better future. Emigration does not last the same for everyone. Some emigrate for a few years, some for long, depending on the conditions in which they live and the amount of income they earn.

Not everyone experiences emigration the same way. Some feel happy but most miss family and want to return to their homeland. Some live with friends while some live alone.

Most immigrants visit their country every year but they stay there for a very short time. The place where you were born cannot be abandoned and you miss it every time you are away.



None of us are born rich. Wealth is not the same for everyone, both in amount and importance. For some wealth is the most important thing in life while for others health, happiness and knowledge are many times more important than wealth. Some are accustomed to living rich lives, buying expensive things, spending money for fun and cannot imagine life without those conditions.

Many people, even though they are rich, are not happy, because happiness cannot be bought with money. According to them the most important things in life cannot be achieved by paying. Some people have inherited wealth and do not try to do it and waste money without pain, while others work to make a normal life or to simply earn a living. Or in the worst case they work hard and long hours to provide food. Some people are willing to do anything to be rich. Even if they are rich, they still demand more and are thus exploited by other people to do what they want, including crimes that put their lives at risk.

Many people, even though they have great wealth, do not donate any part of it to charity because they fail to perceive the suffering of the poor, while the poor are more generous and donate as much as they can because they have experienced a poor life. The richest people on Earth are not willing to share while the poor give everything they have. Wealth is valuable until the last day of our lives. Later it’s no more important. Why waste when it can be used by family, friends or those in need? Donate as much as you can. Charity does not make you poor. Charity is the only way in which money does not go to waste and makes many people happy.



Family is the most important thing in the life of each of us. No one loves us more than family members. Whenever we need or are in bad situations, the family is close to us and experiences the situation just like us. We also spend the most beautiful moments with the family. The time we spend with family is precious. We cannot bring it back so we have to spend it as close to family as possible. Although there are often quarrels within the family, love still prevails.

Each member of the family has their own duties and must fulfill them to the best of their ability. The warmth that mother gives us with her caresses, the sacrifices that father makes while working to feed us, the games we play with our brother and the jokes with our sister bring happiness to the family. Happiness in life is not about being rich. No matter how much wealth you have, it still cannot replace the family. Even the sacrifices we have to make for the family must be great. Our parents sacrificed a lot for our lives and we must reward them so that their sacrifices do not go to waste.

Many people do not have family nearby. Some have emigrated parents and do not see them often. They go out of their way to provide children with a better future. Even though they can do very well there, they still miss the children very much and would give everything just to be close to them.

We should value the family and love its members as long as we are close to them. The family has taught us many things, but the most important thing is that sincere love prevails in the family. Love in the family is the greatest love that can exist. The love that family gives us is incomparable to anything in life.


How to write a biography

John is my best friend. He was born in California and is 26 years old. John is tall, handsome and stylish. Blonde hair and black eyes make him a very nice man. John studied in California. Although we are not in the same school we are good friends and meet often. It’s been 10 years and we keep the same connection with each other.

He lives in a house with his wife who is 25 years old. In their house they also have a dog named Spike whom he loves very much and walks them every day. His birthday is on July 22 and every year on that date he has a big party in his house and invites all his friends, where we have a nice time and we are all satisfied. John loves his family and friends. John loves sports and has different interests. He spends most of the day watching basketball matches. He was an ardent fan of Kobe Bryant and mourned his death. He really likes listening to music. The type of music you listen to the most is hip hop. The singer he likes the most is Daddy Yankee, whom he follows to every concert.

He spends his free time reading books. During the holidays he travels to different places. He likes to talk to friends and browse the internet. The movies he watches are numerous. He even spends money to buy them and see them online. He also watches movies in cinemas in the afternoons. He has a Mercedes Benz car that he bought 5 years ago. Painting is the thing he likes and knows how to do best. The paintings he makes are beautiful and show an unprecedented mastery in the use of colors. They have entered the market and are in demand by everyone.

John is a man with a big heart. He is always ready for all those in need. John speaks little and is very shy but he is also very active and a good person. The thing I like most is his sincerity. John is a man of good spirit and everyone would love to have him as a friend. I am lucky to have a friend like John who is by my side whenever I need him.


Human’s relationships

Relationships of any kind and at any time have been and continue to be complex. This is due to the fact that human beings themselves are complex. Often their behaviors are complex and leave much room for debate.

Parents lead a difficult life and try at all costs to educate their children and teach them as they wish because the child in the future reflects the education he has received from the parent. Parent-child relationships are the most beautiful relationships that everyone experiences in life.

When it comes to parent-child relationships, it should be emphasized that they should always be built on mutual love and obligation. We all have rights, but no one should ever forget that we also have obligations. It is true that parents have obligations. They bring us to life and are responsible for us raising happy and healthy children. This begs the question: ‘Do we owe them anything?’ The answer is an unquestionable ‘yes’. Until a certain age maybe the only obligation we have is respect, but then everything changes. Just as they once cared for our well-being, so we must care for their well-being. There is a period of time during which the parent-child relationship goes through and experiences a phase of turmoil. This happens in adolescence. The period of adolescence is one of the most delicate and difficult periods of human life. During this time parents should be a little more careful and tolerant, while teenagers a little more restrained.

Everything is transient in life but parent-child love transcends any time limit. It never disappears and continues to breathe whenever our heart beats. Parents are life even in those moments when life is dark. So we, as human beings should take life easy and not be depressed for everything that happens to us. Let’s also teach not to be greedy toward the others.


Letter to mom

Dear Mom,
You are one of the most precious people in my life and talking about you is not easy because a whole life would not be enough, so I decided to write you this letter. I want to thank you for all the great support you have given to me and continue to give me every day of my life.

Your advice is valuable and each of them has served and helped me in special cases especially when I have been in bad situations. I have never listened to your advice and in many cases I have faced difficult situations, and now that I grew up I understand the importance of them. How many nights have you stayed awake listening to my cries and screams and before going to bed you always prayed for me, for my health and for me to be the happiest person in the world? Every time you came back from work I waited impatiently and with open arms to give me the love and warmth that you give me every day and which only my mother can give. You often took me when I was playing with my friends and scold me for every mistake I made, scold me when I came home late, you could not sleep in those moments because you thought that something bad could happen to me. You did everything for my own good, but I was too small and could not understand you. Every time I get sick your presence makes me feel better. You sacrifice everything to feed me, to see me becoming a better person, to fulfill all my needs. Every time you look at me upset you try to make me laugh as much as possible because if I am upset you feel even worse. If I smile you feel the happiest person in the world.

Being part of my life is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given me. I could not imagine my life without you. You have been present in both my best and worst moments. Your presence gives me security in all the steps I take in life. I can not describe in words the love for you. You are a person who radiates only kindness, sweetness and positivity. You are the refuge where I crouch whenever I need to. I love you infinitely.


The childhood

A man goes through happy and bad moments in his life. He spends his happiest moments in childhood. Childhood is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person goes through in life, but unfortunately it passes very quickly and should be enjoyed at every moment. It takes a long time to talk about this period.

It would take us years to tell everything we went through. It is the most delicate age because it is a reflection of the future and parents should show as much care as possible to their children, stay close to them and give them family warmth. This greatly affects the social and emotional development of the child. They want attention and want to know everything. Childhood is the time when a person feels free and without duties for himself. It is the time when man makes the most mistakes in life. Children get bored very quickly and just as quickly get happy again. In this period they do not want to know about the future. All they want is to discover new things and have fun. Games are the activities they want to perform every day. They are sincere and not devilish.

Once upon a time, childhood was spent playing in nature with friends. At that time it was the most beautiful childhood. We spent the most beautiful moments with friends. We had our favorite games and places. We joked and laughed with each other. We often got bored but even though there were many quarrels, we still agreed with each other. Every time we made mistakes or came home late our parents scolded us but we did not listen. They advised us on everything and told us what were the good things to do and what not. At that time it seemed that only the noises of children could be heard in the neighborhood and often the residents shouted at us to lower our voices. While nowadays childhood time seems to pass faster because they spend the most beautiful part of their lives playing on mobile or computer. Children once did not have all the conditions, while today parents fulfill every wish they have.

At a young age children always want to pass this period as soon as possible and be adults, while adults remember with fondness the moments of childhood and would give everything to experience those times once again. After childhood children begin to mature and problems begin. There they understand the importance of childhood and remember everything beautiful that they went through.


Group Work

All people in everyday life belong to different groups. Some participate in school groups, some in groups of football, basketball teams, groups in work companies, etc. The goal of these groups is to be as successful as possible when we work in an organized manner.

We all need each other. We all need to give and receive help. We must not feel and act alone. If we work alone the work will become boring and more difficult, as we can not manage to exchange ideas with work colleagues. The best actions and the best results are achieved only in the group if all the members agree with their tasks and have no disagreement with each other.

For group work to be as successful and long-term as possible, conflicts must be avoided. In case the group consists of many members, the work can be more successful if everyone gives different ideas and helps in faster and more accurate realization of the work, but the work can become more difficult if, as we said above, conflicts and disagreements arise between members. Conflicts cause harm to all members of the group. One of the reasons for linking conflicts is unequal participation. Some may not have made any contribution and benefit more while some others may have more merit but gain nothing. To avoid this, a good leader should manage the group well and choose people carefully, to whom should be assigned different roles according to the work they can perform in order to reduce the risk of disruption in the group. He must motivate and give as much security as possible to the members. Members should feel safe and free to express their opinion. If the group works then the members also get new knowledge from each other. In this way they gain not only success at work, but also knowledge.

If we work together, if we act together, the results will not only be good, but will also be increasing. Success will prevail everywhere. If we do not act and work together, then we will be envious of each other and our results will never be high.



People in the world are divided into two groups: those who love animals and those who hate them. Today we will talk about pets. Many people keep pets in their homes. All animals are beautiful and each of them has its own peculiarities. Their colors are wonderful. Pets are mainly cats and dogs that most people keep but there are also those who keep wild animals in the house which they have tamed since they were small like lions, tigers etc. To them they are part of the family. Without them their life would be very empty and they would lack happiness.

Pets are loyal and always stay close. They are very loving and they always express and give love. For some people the love they give is the most important thing in life. Pets require care and want to spend their time playing. If we treat them well they reward us in different ways. A good treatment can be walking in the fresh air and consuming valuable and regular food.

Not only animals but also people benefit from good treatment, as the time spent with it is very beautiful and fun. They are very curious and focus on the moment we do an action and want to learn it. They are very smart and many people are surprised when they see the actions she does. Many people love pets but also need to know how to keep them. If we want to keep a pet we must take into account the conditions they require to be happy. For greater happiness, pets prefer to live in a private home where they can play in the yard rather than in the palace. Pets should be taught at home from an early age because when they are grown they find it difficult to adapt to the conditions of the home and to be separated from social life.

Some animals are lucky to live at home, while some others have an unhappy because of the care that is not given to them. The more attention paid to them the happier they become. The moments we spend with a pet are beautiful and unforgettable. We should all love animals because they are very beautiful and lovable beings.