Have you ever wondered when is the best time to spend the holidays? It is definitely spring. Spring is my favorite season. I like it very much because the end of the great cold and the heavy winter rains is coming. It comes to an end to being locked up at home and staying long before the resistance. Spring is the season of tranquility. The sky is getting clearer, the weather is starting to warm up and the rains are very low, almost not falling at all.

Spring temperatures are neither low nor high, making this season enjoyed by all. Staying in the fresh air and in the rays of the Sun which begin to increase is something very beautiful. During the spring season there is liveliness everywhere. The day begins to lengthen and the opportunity to perform various activities becomes greater. Due to the warmer weather and longer days people have the opportunity to go out for more walks. The fresh air at night creates a feeling of calm.

The dinners we spend with family and friends are very nice. The time we spend with friends is irreplaceable. Nature becomes more beautiful and greenery begins to increase. Swallows that return from their journey are characteristic of the spring season. These are the first signs that spring is coming. Kids start to feel freer to have fun. The activities that you can do during the spring season are many but I mentioned the main ones and the most used by people. These activities make spring a wonderful season.

Spring brings joy and full of hope for everyone. Therefore, the moments we go through should be experienced to the maximum. This way we will be more satisfied and the time we spend during the spring season will be long remembered in our memory.

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