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If you are effectively looking for a higher level of security, Google Cloud offers you the opportunity to increase security. Thus trust increases and as trust grows the number of users becomes higher. The main features that the whitepaper shares in meeting clients using Google Cloud on how to change security are:

1- Configuring the organization for cloud security.

  • Security Culture
    Is security an obligation of the security team and will it better prepare you in the worst situations?
  • Thought suddenly
    There is a possibility that in using the Cloud the data is not secure. Not because the security in the Cloud is low, but for a higher security we have to choose the models that interest us.

2- The way organizations develop in the Cloud.

  • Supervision of infrastructure as a code
    To increase security you need to coordinate strategies in code. This creates vital security by making every product offered by the organization have maximum security.
  • Advanced course events
    Security teams need to be involved in increasing security and directing the delivery schedule and cycle.

3- Development of security work model.

Identification of the safety working model
Whitepaper allows you to choose a model that best suits your work and safety.

  • Collaboration with the organization specialized in the cloud
    In order for the cooperation between the client and the service provider to be as good as possible, everyone must perform their duties. Just as the client pays to receive the services, so the provider must provide maximum security. Security is the main reason for a collaboration to be successful. If a collaboration between the client and the provider succeeds then it will last for a longer time.
  • Evolution of security works

The security team will change the security mode even though the work is specialized in the cloud.

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