Big Data in Cloud Computing

Big data is a combination of new and old technologies. The purpose of big data is for companies to gain operational knowledge. With big data you have the ability to manage a large amount of data.

The main features of big data are:
1- Rhythm
2- Value
3- Volume
4- Type

When deciding to use big data we need to consider where and how we will store the data when securing it. Also before using big data goes through 4 stages:
1- Planning
2- Implementation
3- Control
4- Action

Big data offers good opportunities for businesses that receive services. Some of the big companies like: Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer service ways according to customers’ requirements. Big data has joined the Cloud because data storage requires some things that big data cannot offer such as: expansion, error tolerance and availability. These are all provided by Cloud computing.

The reasons why businesses use Big data and Cloud computing are many. They provide support in decision making and business and service model. Another reason is the cost reduction, which is one of the main reasons why many businesses use big data services in cloud computing. Cloud computing offers small and medium businesses the opportunity to use big data services.

For a better service Cloud computing also offers the opportunity for business owners to use big data services from home due to the many benefits. Using big data from home offers a higher level of security. During the time when the use of big data is done from home then the benefit is great. While when the profit is small the business continues to receive big data services in Cloud computing in the current environment.

Today we talked about big data and the services that big data offers in Cloud computing. I hope you enjoyed the article! Thank you for reading my article!

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