Cloud costs

In this article we will show you the costs around Cloud. Every time we go to buy something we pay to get the product we want. This is how it works with the Cloud. When calculating the benefits we get from the Cloud, we also need to calculate the cost we have to pay. Customers pay to receive services. They demand a good and cheap service. Customers rightly want to calculate the price in relation to the services they receive.

Prices for Cloud services are different. They vary according to the type and capabilities that the Cloud offers. To be as accurate as possible with customers many of the Cloud providers use cost meter. This opportunity is also offered by one of the largest Cloud companies such as Amazon, calculating the monthly expenses that the customer has to pay.

The price we spend to calculate Cloud services is determined by many factors. But we will show you the 3 most important:

1) Competition in the market

2) Cost of service

3) Value to customers

1- Competition in the market: To compete in the market all businesses must know how much are the prices of other competitors for the same services.

2- Cost of service: Although the requests from customers to know the cost of service are numerous, studies that analyze this cost are few. Providers calculate the price of the service by the cost of the service and an additional percentage.

3- Customer value: Customer value is a very important reason for Cloud providers for their customers to remain satisfied and receive Cloud services for a long time. To measure the impact that service has on customers many studies have been done to calculate this value.

In this article we told you about calculating the costs that customers pay to benefit from Cloud services. Thanks for reading our article! I hope you enjoyed it.

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