Security and trust in Cloud

Are you considering using Cloud services? If so we will show you some information about Cloud and 2 of the main issues why you should be careful when using Cloud. Trust and security are the 2 issues that Cloud strives to improve every day.

Trust is the key issue Cloud is trying to fix. Cloud is doing its best to gain maximum trust from its customers. Since every customer wants to get the services of the Cloud they always want to know what is offered to them and the possibilities must be met and to have a good and correct service. When someone pays to benefit from Cloud services he seeks a contract which seeks to be fulfilled as it is.

The reasons why you can not gain the trust of everyone are many but one of the main reasons is security, which is not offered to the maximum. For most customers, security is the main reason why they use Cloud services.

Security has recently become a very big problem because technology has advanced a lot and there is a high possibility that our data will be stolen. Because of security, businesses find it many times harder than customers to gain trust, as the data they seek to store in the Cloud is more valuable. If someone gains access to someone in the Cloud account they can steal the data or use it for their own interests. Many customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the case when someone logs into their account via password.

Another reason is the service which is sometimes not available. This is not a major reason for not using Cloud as even the few customers who have shown dissatisfaction.

In this article we advise you that before looking to benefit from Cloud services you should not only look at the pros but you should also consider the risks it brings.

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