Virtualization in Cloud

In previous articles we talked about Cloud. Today we are going to show you something about virtualization. What is it and its types in the Cloud.

Virtualization creates some virtual servers or as they are otherwise called virtual cases. To enable this, a physical server is split into several virtual servers through virtualization. These virtual cases have a lower price compared to physical servers. But since they have a lower price they have a greater risk that hackers have access to customer data. Through virtualization customers or companies can reduce the physical system. Virtualization enables clients and companies to share applications.

We will now show you 4 types of cloud virtualization

1- Operating System Virtualization

Operating system virtualization is used for application and operating system testing. In this type of virtualization, the virtual machine software is not installed on the hardware system, but on the host operating system.

2- Hardware Virtualization

This type of virtualization is also called hardware virtualization because unlike Operating System Virtualization the virtual machine software is installed on the hardware system. Hardware Virtualization has a monitor that has the ability to control memory and other resources.

3- Server Virtualization

The administrator of this server has the ability to share a server on multiple servers. In this virtualization the virtual machine software is installed directly and in the server system.

4- Storage Virtualization

This virtualization is different from the first 3 types mentioned above. In order to look like a device, in this type of virtualization a grouping of physical space is done. This physical space is in many storage devices.

These were the 4 types of cloud virtualization. We tried to explain to you as briefly and clearly as possible some information about virtualization and its types in the Cloud. Thank you for the time you spent reading this article, but I believe it was worth it.

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