Cloud models

Now we will talk about Cloud. Many people use the Cloud lately. Cloud models are numerous, but we will inform you about the 4 most used models, show you some of their features and how important they are to use. They are very necessary and should be used by all people and companies, but the greatest necessity to use them are businesses. They need to carefully choose the type of Cloud that suits their business and offers them the most revenue.

The 4 Cloud models are:

– Public Cloud

Public Cloud is a model of Cloud in which the trust of many customers is low. This Cloud has a very cheap price. Maybe that’s why it makes some customers think so. This model of cloud can be used through a computer but the only condition is that you must have an Internet connection.

– Private Cloud

This Cloud model is not widely used. Private Cloud is used only by large companies and the security in this model of Cloud is maximum.

– Cloud in the community

Cloud in the community is a special model of Cloud. Its services are almost similar to public cloud and private cloud. This Cloud model benefits from a good price such as a public cloud and maximum security like a private cloud. The companies in this model are smaller companies than those that use private Cloud.

– Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud is a Cloud model which consists of merging several Cloud models.

These were 4 of the Cloud models. I hope you have remained informed about Cloud models. Thanks for reading our article.

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