Pros and Cons of Cloud

Recently cloud users have been added a lot. This is because of the benefits that clouds offer us. Some people are addicted to the clouds because of the work they do, but the cloud makes their job a lot easier. We can mention a case when someone does not have the opportunity to go to work but does it through the clouds. In this case, the clouds have a great impact on the lives of these people who find their use very necessary. While in some other people the opposite happens. They think that clouds are not important and they do not want to use them.

The reasons that make him think so are many but 2 are the main ones: the low trust they have in the cloud and the security which is never 100%. Cloud service providers are trying hard to gain the trust of the people. As for security, recently security has increased a lot but again nowadays technology has become very developed and maximum security seems impossible. Cloud stored materials may be lost but in the worst case they can even be stolen by hackers. In some cases, although rare it happens that the validity of the online service is not available at the moment. This also creates dissatisfaction among people. Power outages or internet problems also cause problems for clouds because they stop using them.

To be as fair with people as possible, cloud service providers try to solve these problems as quickly as possible and provide people with the best and safest service possible.

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