None of us are born rich. Wealth is not the same for everyone, both in amount and importance. For some wealth is the most important thing in life while for others health, happiness and knowledge are many times more important than wealth. Some are accustomed to living rich lives, buying expensive things, spending money for fun and cannot imagine life without those conditions.

Many people, even though they are rich, are not happy, because happiness cannot be bought with money. According to them the most important things in life cannot be achieved by paying. Some people have inherited wealth and do not try to do it and waste money without pain, while others work to make a normal life or to simply earn a living. Or in the worst case they work hard and long hours to provide food. Some people are willing to do anything to be rich. Even if they are rich, they still demand more and are thus exploited by other people to do what they want, including crimes that put their lives at risk.

Many people, even though they have great wealth, do not donate any part of it to charity because they fail to perceive the suffering of the poor, while the poor are more generous and donate as much as they can because they have experienced a poor life. The richest people on Earth are not willing to share while the poor give everything they have. Wealth is valuable until the last day of our lives. Later it’s no more important. Why waste when it can be used by family, friends or those in need? Donate as much as you can. Charity does not make you poor. Charity is the only way in which money does not go to waste and makes many people happy.

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