Before the summer season comes, everyone thinks about where they will go on vacation. Summer is the favorite season of children. It is the time when the weather starts to get hot and the heat becomes unbearable.

During the summer season all people take vacations and go to spend them in beautiful places. Hours at work force people to relax more and to spend more time with their friends. In the summer they also find time to entertain their children who are rightly looking to take a vacation after nine months of fatigue they have spent studying at school. Most children prefer to spend their holidays at sea forcing their parents to frequent the coastal areas. In summer the tourist places are full of tourists who are very well received by the citizens.

Like most people, I decided to spend my vacation this year in a seaside country. In the mornings I went to the beach with my family and we had a great time. The sea waves formed a wonderful view. Swimming at sea and playing soccer in the sand with friends were the most beautiful activities I spent on the beach. I went to the beach early in the morning and came home in the afternoon. When I got home I would lie down to rest for a few hours and then go out with friends. The dinners I spent with them at the bar or the food we ate at the restaurants were very tasty. The joke games we played with each other were numerous. This year I also met some friends whom I had not met for many years. This made my vacation even more beautiful. The day at the beach and the evening walks in the fresh air I did with friends were the most fun part of this vacation. These were my most beautiful vacations I have ever had.

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