We all follow different sports. Each of us has different preferences. Someone prefers football, someone basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc. Each sport has its own peculiarities. Most of us are trained in a certain sport but few have had a good career. In the beginning of the career everyone has different goals. Some want to become famous, some want to become rich, while some have a passion. Many people want to make a career but do not devote much. Talent for a sport should be but the sacrifice we have to make for it must be great. To meet the goals and to have a successful career we must train hard in order to play for a better team. This increases the income and the number of fans, making us more famous.


Sports help a lot in our health. All the time we play for a team we have to keep a diet and consume valuable foods. These help us to keep weight under control. The various exercises and exercises we do make us more active and keep the body in shape. The energy expended during training and the time we spend with teammates helps us relieve stress. People who practice a sport are healthier and live longer than those who do not exercise. Sport makes us more social and keeps us more connected to friends.


In addition to the many benefits, sports also have disadvantages. The injuries we suffer during a match are numerous. Most injuries are minor but there are injuries that take a long time to heal or at worst they are irreversible causing our career to end. This is a very pitiable thing that should never happen to anyone, neither to our enemies.

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