Loneliness is something very difficult. It is not experienced equally by everyone. Some do not have a problem even if they spend a long time alone while some others cannot stay without someone’s company. In most cases loneliness causes psychological problem which is a very worrisome thing that requires treatment.

Loneliness is caused by abandonment, emigration or separation from the lives of the people around you. Loneliness is also caused by ridicule and insults that people make to someone, thus leading to conflicts between them. Bulling in schools is also a great factor that leads people to stay alone and in isolation. Often even the most trusted people around you disappoint and make you feel lonely. In these cases, even if you stay with other people, it still seems like you are lonely. A lonely man lives with longing and the desire to stay with family or friends. Although he may not miss anything in life he will still not be happy and will feel very lonely because he has nowhere to rely when he is in danger, there is no one to give him advice and motivate him, there is no one to chat and have fun, there is no one to share the joy, the sorrow, the secrets and many other things. Loneliness often forces you to work hard to make ends meet. Although it often happens to us that we want to stay alone for a while, this only lasts a while because we all want to stay close to someone.

The presence of someone close is the greatest happiness we have in life. We all need a person to stand by us and show us that he will always be close to us. That is why we must stay close to our loved ones so that they do not live alone.

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