The most talked topic lately is what good and bad emigration brings us and whether it is necessary and inevitable. Emigration is the relocation of people from one state to another. Residents living in poor countries migrate to countries with high economies. Rich countries benefit greatly from this. Poor countries from the inability to keep residents in good condition decrease every year.

Emigration has increased significantly in recent years. Emigration is done for various reasons but the most important is emigration for a better life, including a high-paying job and living in a good home. Before we decide to emigrate we must think well because in addition to the many advantages that emigration brings us, it also brings us bad things such as leaving the homeland, separation from family and relatives. For this reason emigration is not easy. However, regardless of the consequences, we have to make a small sacrifice because without sacrificing we gain nothing in life.

Emigration is not done voluntarily by people, but is done by their need to live. By migrating people hope to have a good time in the place where they will go. Most immigrants are young people who leave their country of birth in the hope of a better future. Emigration does not last the same for everyone. Some emigrate for a few years, some for long, depending on the conditions in which they live and the amount of income they earn.

Not everyone experiences emigration the same way. Some feel happy but most miss family and want to return to their homeland. Some live with friends while some live alone.

Most immigrants visit their country every year but they stay there for a very short time. The place where you were born cannot be abandoned and you miss it every time you are away.

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