A day with family

It was Sunday. My family and I on Sundays do special activities from the other days. This Sunday was different from the others. My family and I were thinking about where we were going. Suddenly an idea came to me and I thought we were going for a picnic. I showed the idea but mom and dad disagreed while my sister and I liked the idea. We managed to persuade them with difficulty and in the end they accepted.

The weather was beautiful. The wind did not blow and the sun was shining. It was the perfect time for a picnic. Each of us started getting things ready. Mom was cooking pizzas which were my favorite food and we would take them after. My sister and I were packing our things while Dad was waiting for us in the car. After a short time we were ready to leave. We got in the car and started to enjoy the ride which was long and tiring but worth it for a picnic in the fresh air in the woods.

When I got there I sat down to relax from the long ride we had made. After a few minutes, my aunt and two cousins ​​came there. I started playing ball with them sister was listening to music while mom and dad were chatting. The people near us were calm and did not bother us. The place there was quite beautiful.

After spending some wonderful hours there the weather clouded over and we started getting ready to leave. In those moments my aunt invited us to go to dinner at her house. We accepted and left. We had a great time there and I am very happy. The beautiful moments of this wonderful day did not end there. After we left our aunt’s house we went to a disco and started dancing.

It was a beautiful Sunday that I will never forget. It was the happiest day of my life. The days and moments spent with the family are always beautiful and unforgettable.

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