How to write a biography

John is my best friend. He was born in California and is 26 years old. John is tall, handsome and stylish. Blonde hair and black eyes make him a very nice man. John studied in California. Although we are not in the same school we are good friends and meet often. It’s been 10 years and we keep the same connection with each other.

He lives in a house with his wife who is 25 years old. In their house they also have a dog named Spike whom he loves very much and walks them every day. His birthday is on July 22 and every year on that date he has a big party in his house and invites all his friends, where we have a nice time and we are all satisfied. John loves his family and friends. John loves sports and has different interests. He spends most of the day watching basketball matches. He was an ardent fan of Kobe Bryant and mourned his death. He really likes listening to music. The type of music you listen to the most is hip hop. The singer he likes the most is Daddy Yankee, whom he follows to every concert.

He spends his free time reading books. During the holidays he travels to different places. He likes to talk to friends and browse the internet. The movies he watches are numerous. He even spends money to buy them and see them online. He also watches movies in cinemas in the afternoons. He has a Mercedes Benz car that he bought 5 years ago. Painting is the thing he likes and knows how to do best. The paintings he makes are beautiful and show an unprecedented mastery in the use of colors. They have entered the market and are in demand by everyone.

John is a man with a big heart. He is always ready for all those in need. John speaks little and is very shy but he is also very active and a good person. The thing I like most is his sincerity. John is a man of good spirit and everyone would love to have him as a friend. I am lucky to have a friend like John who is by my side whenever I need him.

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