How to write an autobiography

My name is James Bell and I am 25 years old. I was born in Los Angeles, where I currently live. I am 183 centimetres tall and weigh 78 kilograms. My hair is dark chestnut and my eyes are brown.

My parents live far away from Los Angeles and I do not meet them often. I have to go a long way to reach them. I miss them very much and every time we meet them we hug and hug each other. I am currently studying at a high school in Los Angeles. The teachers there are good and treat the students well. The subject I like the most is mathematics. Problem solving in math is the thing I know how to do best. My favorite foods are: Pot roasts, Cobb salad, chicken fried steak and Wild Alaska salmon. I also like appetizers and chips. The drinks I like the most are carbonated drinks. I like sweets immensely.

My hobbies are sports and travel. My favorite sport is football. I really like playing it as well as watching matches with friends. My favorite team is Barcelona. And the favorite player is Leo Messi. The trips I have made are numerous. The places I visited were: Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam and many others. On every trip the beautiful places and moments I have spent have been unforgettable. I like to spend my free time with friends with whom I have fun playing different games and making jokes with each other. My close friends are Jimmy Cunningham and Tom Lawrence. I spend most of the day with them and we never fight. The socks we play in the morning and the laps we do every night are wonderful. They love me as much as I do. When I am alone I spend my free time on the computer browsing the internet or having fun with different games. I dedicate the weekends to my family. Together we perform various activities. My favorite colors are red, black and white.

I characterize myself as a wise, polite and communicative person. I am able to establish good relationships with everyone around me. I am a patient type and I easily adapt to society. In the future I want to become a computer engineer. I hope that one day this wish will come true.

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