Essay: Love your parents

Love is the continuation of life. It is one of the greatest forces in the world. Love comes to everyone’s hearts in different shapes and sizes. Among them, one is pure, the most unique, the greatest: this is the love for parents!

Really, were not they the ones who brought us to life and showed us the way to walk the path paved before us? Weren’t they the ones who, with their patience, dedication, and tireless work, guided us and taught us towards a world that was unknown to us? Their sacrifices for us to have a better life, long working hours, many sleepless nights, unconditional care in our most beautiful days, but also in the darkest ones, fatigue and exhaustion during the days, hours and months when we were sick. Aren’t these all indicators of how great and pure their love for us is? Their many tips show the love they have for us. Although their lives seem tiring they feel satisfied when we follow the orders they give us to walk on a straight path. With great sacrifices they try to fulfill all our desires. The hugs they give us give us warmth. They stay close to us in any situation, good or bad. Even when we make mistakes, their love for us is still great. The sacrifices they make, we understand only when we become parents and go through all the hardships they have gone through. That is why we must try to make our parents proud now that this sacrifice they make for us does not go to waste. So they too will be happy that their sacrifices and advice have been worth it. They are the only ones who want more than anyone else to look at us happily.

Like everything else in this world that is not eternal, neither are they. To love and respect them as long as we are on time. Stay close to them as much as we can. Thank you and listen to your advice. It’s not too late to do all this. Let’s not take them for granted. They are not eternal. They are and deserve everything good in this world.

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