The childhood

A man goes through happy and bad moments in his life. He spends his happiest moments in childhood. Childhood is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person goes through in life, but unfortunately it passes very quickly and should be enjoyed at every moment. It takes a long time to talk about this period.

It would take us years to tell everything we went through. It is the most delicate age because it is a reflection of the future and parents should show as much care as possible to their children, stay close to them and give them family warmth. This greatly affects the social and emotional development of the child. They want attention and want to know everything. Childhood is the time when a person feels free and without duties for himself. It is the time when man makes the most mistakes in life. Children get bored very quickly and just as quickly get happy again. In this period they do not want to know about the future. All they want is to discover new things and have fun. Games are the activities they want to perform every day. They are sincere and not devilish.

Once upon a time, childhood was spent playing in nature with friends. At that time it was the most beautiful childhood. We spent the most beautiful moments with friends. We had our favorite games and places. We joked and laughed with each other. We often got bored but even though there were many quarrels, we still agreed with each other. Every time we made mistakes or came home late our parents scolded us but we did not listen. They advised us on everything and told us what were the good things to do and what not. At that time it seemed that only the noises of children could be heard in the neighborhood and often the residents shouted at us to lower our voices. While nowadays childhood time seems to pass faster because they spend the most beautiful part of their lives playing on mobile or computer. Children once did not have all the conditions, while today parents fulfill every wish they have.

At a young age children always want to pass this period as soon as possible and be adults, while adults remember with fondness the moments of childhood and would give everything to experience those times once again. After childhood children begin to mature and problems begin. There they understand the importance of childhood and remember everything beautiful that they went through.

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