Reading a book or staying online?

One of the most popular topics nowadays is which is more important: the book or the internet. Each of these has its own peculiarities. For some people the book is the most valuable thing they have, while some others do not want to know that it exists.

Internet for example, despite all the advantages , also has its disadvantages, while the book gives us only positivity. Reading a book helps us to enrich the vocabulary, which is lacking in today’s generations. While reading a book we enter a world where each of us imagine the situation in different ways. Books help us a lot for the future by giving us the knowledge we need everywhere. People who read books have more knowledge and are more educated than those who spend time online. For students the internet is useful to do homework and get the information they need at school. The information we can find is very different.

Nowadays it does not matter how much a cell phone costs. Everyone has one. Internet is becoming more and more advanced and the number of people who use it is increasing. Most people nowadays spend most of the day on their cell phones and have read almost no book in their lives. For them, the internet is the greatest happiness they have in life. Social networks help us to spend our free time faster but the positive consequences they bring us are few. Internet helps people to communicate with relatives or family members who are far away and can not meet them.

The negative consequences of using the internet are many. Long stays cause serious health problems, so the time spent online should be reduced and it should be used only when necessary. Children are more at risk. The games they play help them to have fun, but in some cases they can be dangerous. Although social networking is not allowed for children many of them have an account. They may see something unattractive to them and this may cause psychological problems in the child’s brain. For this reason the Internet should not be used by children or may be used when they are in the company of parents.

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