Group Work

All people in everyday life belong to different groups. Some participate in school groups, some in groups of football, basketball teams, groups in work companies, etc. The goal of these groups is to be as successful as possible when we work in an organized manner.

We all need each other. We all need to give and receive help. We must not feel and act alone. If we work alone the work will become boring and more difficult, as we can not manage to exchange ideas with work colleagues. The best actions and the best results are achieved only in the group if all the members agree with their tasks and have no disagreement with each other.

For group work to be as successful and long-term as possible, conflicts must be avoided. In case the group consists of many members, the work can be more successful if everyone gives different ideas and helps in faster and more accurate realization of the work, but the work can become more difficult if, as we said above, conflicts and disagreements arise between members. Conflicts cause harm to all members of the group. One of the reasons for linking conflicts is unequal participation. Some may not have made any contribution and benefit more while some others may have more merit but gain nothing. To avoid this, a good leader should manage the group well and choose people carefully, to whom should be assigned different roles according to the work they can perform in order to reduce the risk of disruption in the group. He must motivate and give as much security as possible to the members. Members should feel safe and free to express their opinion. If the group works then the members also get new knowledge from each other. In this way they gain not only success at work, but also knowledge.

If we work together, if we act together, the results will not only be good, but will also be increasing. Success will prevail everywhere. If we do not act and work together, then we will be envious of each other and our results will never be high.

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