Friendship is born in the first steps of life and continues until its end. Friendship does not mean having as many friends as possible, friendship means having a friend whenever you need it. When we are little we have many friends, but later there is only one left, who stays close to you at every moment of life.

Friendship is very important for everyone because no one can live alone. With a close friend you can share secrets, joys or even sadness, you can play, make jokes, etc. Much has been said and written about friendship. Friendship cannot be built by days, but by years. The more time passes, the stronger it becomes. It should be as strong as possible because in many cases friendship is valued only after it is lost. A smart person should never do such a thing.

Friendship is as good as it is bad. Many people pretend to want to be around you, just for their own interests. One of the reasons that a friendship can be broken is betrayal. For it to last as long as possible or forever everyone must be honest. True friendship is considered a friendship without interest. In a true friendship there is no room for deception. A true friend is one who does not reject you for anything but accepts you unconditionally, a true friend is one who stays close to you in the best moments of life or even in the worst, a true friend is supposed to always be with you in difficult moments or when you are in trouble, a true friend is the one who tries to make you always happy and advises you not to go to places you should not go or not to do actions that can cost you later.

Friendship is something that cannot be bought. It is not replaced by anything. No matter how rich a person is if he does not have company, he has lost the most beautiful part of his life. After all, friendship is continuity. It is the most beautiful experience a person can have in life. Can we live without it? The answer is definitely no. Honor the friend because you have honored yourself.

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