Pros and cons of owning a car

Nowadays car is very important to move. All factories are competing for the best and fastest production of cars. They produce work cars, sports cars, racing cars, etc. Some of the most produced types of cars are: Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMV, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.

Car can be used in case of bad weather, for work, for worries, to go somewhere in a hurry, to go somewhere on vacation, to transport bags and luggage which we can not transport on foot, etc. People who have their own car save more time and more money to travel to another country than those who do not have one because of the time and money it will cost to cut the ticket.

In addition to the good side owning a car also has its disadvantages. For some people car is a necessity in daily life, but excessive use damages the economic side. One of the disadvantages of using cars is air pollution, so people should use them only when absolutely necessary. In non-urgent cases it should be moved on foot or used by bicycle transport. Another possibility not to pollute the environment and to create less noise is the use of electric cars which have been produced recently. They have replaced the gasoline engine with a battery. Another disadvantage is the numerous accidents, which in most cases are caused by excessive alcohol consumption. A driver’s negligence can injure or kill someone else. For this reason drivers must be able to start the car. Some people are crazy about cars and prefer the most expensive and luxurious ones while some others prefer simple cars.

Before a person buys a car, he should consider the expenses it requires for taxes, maintenance, fuel, parking, etc. To reduce costs as much as possible people should take care not to violate traffic rules in order not to receive fines.

Some people even use the car for business by turning it into a taxi which takes people to the required destination and gets a reward. In this case, drivers must be more responsible because they are also responsible for the lives of passengers. By traveling carefully we protect our lives and the lives of others.

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