The impact of mobile phones on daily life

Everyone uses a cell phone nowadays. Technology has evolved a lot until the creation of the latest smartphones with which you can do things better and easier. Some use mobile phones for work, some for communication, some for games, some for procrastination, while for some they have become part of their lives making them addicted to it.

They are used by all ages. Students have it very necessary to have one. It helps them to get the information they need for a certain topic in school, for online learning, to communicate with friends about lessons or even to have fun in their free time. For some people who earn money online mobile phones are very important.

In addition to the many positive things that mobile phones give us, they also have negative sides. Staying for a long time on the cell phone brings serious health consequences such as: eye problems, brain problems, etc. To avoid these mobile phones should be kept as far away from small children and should be used part-time. Staying on the cell phone for hours also hinders other activities and keeps us away from people. Children today no longer go out to play in parks or fields but spend their childhood which is the most beautiful part of their lives playing mobile games. The use of the mobile phone also brings numerous car accidents because the drivers use the mobile phone while starting the car.

One of the most talked about topics today is whether or not cell phones should be allowed in schools. For some people the mobile phone also affects the psychological side because they want recent mobile phones or are ridiculed by friends because they do not have one. Using the mobile phone also brings us problems with the development of the language side. People no longer go to the library to read books but stay on their cell phones. For them, books do not exist at all. When they go to a beautiful place, everyone takes out their mobile phones and takes pictures to post on social networks, which they use to show people the beautiful moments of their lives.

Mobile phones attract people so much that when they enter to that world they lose reality. This is a global problem that many scientists are trying to solve.

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