3 most beautiful places to go on vacation

Do you want to go on holiday at the end of the year holidays but have not decided yet where? We will show you the 3 most beautiful places and the reasons why you should visit them. We hope you enjoy your vacation and that it stays in your mind for a long time.


Paris is a place which is visited by many tourists every year because of the many greenery and beautiful places that it has. Many of them, not to mention all, have remained very satisfied. If you decide to visit Paris you will see a very beautiful view. The places you can visit are quite wonderful. We can mention the Eiffel Tower which is the main symbol of the city of Paris. Notre-Dame is also a place not to be missed. Before finishing your holidays you should also visit Disneyland Paris, which is a place where there are amusement parks. These are the 3 places I have visited in Paris. The moments spent in these places are unforgettable. I promise you that if you visit Paris you will not be disappointed.


Even in Berlin there are many beautiful places. The time you can spend in this place should be plenty because the longer you stay the more beautiful sensations you will experience. Gendarmenmarkt Mitte is a particularly beautiful square. The nights there are unforgettable with the buildings turning on the lights and forming an extraordinary panorama. You can spend the days at the Berlin Zoo where you can see a variety of animals. Citadel Spandau is one of the most beautiful places in the city of Berlin, where many concerts take place, especially in the summer season when there are many tourists.


Spain has many tourist destinations, but we would suggest a vacation in Madrid. Madrid is a modern city with a stunning view which attracts many tourists, especially in the summer season. The squares are full of bars. The palaces are multi-storey and recently built with a beautiful architectural structure. The places you can visit are many, but the most beautiful one remains the stadium. In Madrid you can visit the stadium which is a dream for everyone. Fans during a match support their team to the end. This makes the emotions you experience during the match numerous.

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